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Our Principals

WMF - Germany
Here we are offering to the hotel industry the world leaders in Hotelware. WMF - this German giant  with a turnover of 1 Billion EURO and 6000 employees is today recommended by most of the F&B and Kitchen Stewarding executives in the most posh and reputed hotels in the world. WMF figures out as the ultimate choice for all F&B requirements.


NARUMI - Japan
Narumi Corporation is one of Japan's leading tableware companies, and is engaged in the development, manufacture, and sales of ceramic tableware such as bone china. Visual appeal, aesthetic design and remarkable quality form the hallmark of Narumi Bone China. Its subtle colours, graceful edge and rich luster add a touch of elegance to any interior.


Schoenwald - Germany
Schoenwald from Germany has been developing and manufacturing high quality professional porcelain for over 130 years. Schoenwald's collections translate the diverse faces of modern dining culture into porcelain. From traditional banquet to informal finger food they create a suitable setting for entirely different dining options. With a choice of more than 40 attractive porcelain collections with over 1700 individual items Schoenwald provides a diverse range of shapes and styles. Schoenwald is exclusively manufactured in Germany where the most stringent environmental requirements in the world apply


STOELZLE - Germany
Stolzle  - the brand stands for innovation and quality; crystal with high brilliance, high-fracture-resistant, dishwasher safe, and an optimum price. This principle, meets  these mass produced lead-free glass lenses which is not only required for a good glass of wine for the average wine drinker, but also excels at  professional use in catering and hotel industry.


ALFI - Germany
Alfi is a leading global brand for vacuum flasks. The company was started as the  Aluminium Work Fischbach in 1914, almost a hundred years ago. Alfi develops and manufactures high-quality design insulated products at Wertheim, Germany. With the most innovative ideas from the best international design studios,  Alfi with its unique hallmark keeps drinks and foodstuffs fresh, cool or hot.


Lodge Cast Iron Cookware, is a healthy alternative to non-stick cooking. For more than 100 years Lodge has been making cast iron cookware. Its origin can be traced to the town of South Pittsburg, Tennessee, U.S.A. Today Lodge produces the most extensive selection of quality cast iron goods on the market. Lodge offers Cast Iron cookware which includes Dutch Ovens, Chicken Fryers, variety of skillets, griddles, deep fryers etc.


Utopia – UK
Based in Chesterfield, UK, Utopia provides for glass, ceramic and cutlery products to meet the requirement of its global customers. Be it cutting edge design or practical and cost effective solutions ,Utopia 's collection provides for outstanding customer satisfaction.


For over twelve years Rosseto® has been a leader in the design, production and marketing of innovative technology for the food service and houseware industry. With its high quality, beautifully designed acrylic products Rosseto offers multiple options for a creative presentation.


Deson – China
Deson is a professional enterprise which specialises in customised and exclusive mobile buffet station and high-end banquet furniture equipment for top hotels! Deson’s core value and brand value is originality of design! With a team of professional designers and own factories in Shenzhen, China, Deson have developed unique products integrating aesthetic and ergonomic design, crafted from the finest materials and made to the highest standards. Deson provides product solutions in a variety of styles and finishes, ranging from the traditional to the contemporary to meet your specific needs.


OLYMP - Germany
For over 100 years Olymp from Germany with its numerous inventions and innovations has been one of the world's leading equipment providers for the hairdressing trade. Olymp product range includes Styling Chairs, Shampoo Stations, and Styling units. Olymp provides innovative and functional designs which are the best Salon inspiration worldwide.


Gharieni – Germany
Gharieni is a manufacturer of High-End Spa Tables, Medical Beds, Spa Equipment, and Furniture.Gharieni keeps to the principle of quality without compromise. Its manufacturing and administration processes are subject to constant quality checks. The comprehensive quality management of Gharieni’s business processes has been in place for over ten years now, and includes the ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certifications.This guarantees quality of product and equally excellent service.Various awards from the wellness, cosmetics and medical industries for individual products, innovative developments, the highest levels of quality, superb designs and the highest standards of service and warranty confirm Ghareini’s concept.


Pordamsa – Spain
Founded in 1976 Pordamsa has been manufacturing and marketing porcelain for over 35 years. Based in the heart of the Costa Brava, it is located 60 km from the French border and 120 km from Barcelona, Spain. Pordamsa has been internationally praised for its modern and functional design at an affordable price,always striving for differentiation and added value for the customer, together with excellent service


Bamboo Studio - U.S.A
Bamboo Studio’s line of BambooWare items are designed from the ground up to be as eco-friendly as possible. The process begins by taking the fiber of bamboo plants five years or older and grinding it intoa fine powder. Utilizing a proprietary process, this material is moulded into sturdy, long-lasting itemsfeatured in BambooWare line. It retains all the strength and beauty of traditional plastic materialssuch as Melamine, but with the added benefits of sustainability -- the bowls, plates, cups and utensils areall 100% biodegradable.

The BambooWare line is FDA approved food safe and can withstand even the toughestindustrial dishwashers.


HeppHospitala – Germany
HeppHospitalais one of the leading manufacturers for food distribution systems, offer system service utensils and cutlery on the international market – whether it is for hospitals, clinics or for senior citizens’ residences. Hepp system service utensils are quality products at the highest level. These are unique products with a maximum of efficiency and longevity. Their insulating power fulfils the highest demands, the design is elegant and timeless.


PIAZZA - Italy
Piazza provides a vast assortment of professional utensils and instruments for every occasion on which food is created, served or eaten. With more than 125 years of history Piazza has constantly evolved and made investments in production technologies, to offer high quality products to its customers.


BETTE - Germany
Bette Gmbh & Co.KG from Germany, is a pioneer in the production of steel/enamel baths and shower trays. Through decades of experience in steel reshaping & enamel finishing, Bette has become one of the leading manufacturers of enameled steel products.


Axum Bohemia - Czech Republic
Axum Bohemia , a company established in 2000 in Teplice - a traditional Czech "town of glass". It specialises in original glass processing particularly fused glass. In gastronomy it is known as table glass or glass for buffet systems. Design plays an important role in the world of catering. With its focus on products with original design as well as on interior decorating accessories, the company offers complete product lines and unique individual pieces.


For 50 years, BG has been a significant entity in the professional beauty industry. Afiliated with Iowa Beauty & Barber Supply, Inc. Beecher Group is the exclusive North America distributor for several major Italian companies which manufacture the most attractive salon and spa furnishings in the world.


Imperial Pottery Co. Ltd. was founded in 2001 with its commitment to produce highest quality tableware to international market. Located in Thailand it offers Fine China (Porcelain) Hotelware under brand name “Leela Baralee” . It offers high quality, stylish, & durable tableware to match the demands of the Hospitality industry. Leela Baralee produces finest embossment which reflects a sense of harmony & warmth for the catering industry. By research and development, it has created a glaze formula from raw materials without using any synthetic substance. The clay used is one of the best clay sources in the world. With its long term ceramic expertise it has created a distinctive formula of clay that reveals the natural white colour and strength of its tableware.


Giulini G.& C, Italy, established in 1966, is a dynamic Company with long experience in taps and bathroom accessories. It provides for trendy and smart solutions with the collection “PLP”. “PLP” is an aesthetic and practical solution of great value : Thanks to its modularity, ease of installation and technical characteristics, expresses the best of its potential in the case pre-existing plumbing connections. The use of laminate material HPL, with added values such as resistance to water, steam and chemicals in general, makes “PLP” suitable for use both in the residential & contract fields. With continuous focus on its customers requirements Giulini provides cutting edge products with shapes in line with new trends.


The establishment of the Olympia Ceramica S.r.l. is in a site of 40.000 sqm, in Corchiano (VT) Italy. Founded in 1979, Olympia has an an excellent level of specialization and its products adhere to high quality standards. The products in vitreous-china (wc, bidet, washbasin, pedestal) or fine fire-clay (sink & shover trays), are fired in an oven tunnel to the temperature of 1280° degrees. The enamels are particulary good, strong and shining and the colours are very homogeneous and constant. With its market presence beyond 40 countries, Olympia Ceramica S.r.l. produces many different ranges and provides for unmatched solutions for every bathroom.


BDK - Czech
BDK belongs among the leading Czech producers of utility and decorative glass based on Fusing technology(bending).Fusing technology uses the principle of fusing individual parts and layers of flat glass together. The company has developed a distinctive style of its products, which can be characterized by modern design and original Combination of colors and shapes . Production consists mainly of glass plates, bowls, trays, candlesticks of decorative as well as gastronomic use.


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