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Environment Friendly

Bon Chef's environment friendly products are aimed at reducing waste and energy consumption.

Responsible Packaging

We choose only environmentally sound materials for our packaging. Every cardboard carton we ship contains 100 percent recycled materials. Newspaper is shredded and reused for packing material.

Water Conservation

All water used to create our products is filtered and reused, to minimize the need for new water.

Sandstone Exchange Program

We designed our sandstone product line with sustainability in mind. Our sandstone exchange program collects your used sandstone products for recycling. After removing the coating, 100% of the materials are recycled and used to create new sandstone products. With sandstone products you continue to enjoy energy savings after because our sandstone product line saves energy by maintaining hot or cold temperatures better than any alternative product in the marketplace.

Induction Cooking

Induction cooking surpasses other cooking methods in terms of energy efficiency. Our Induction stoves, Cucina Pots, and Induction chafers save energy by cooking food faster and maintaining heat more efficiently.


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